Raw Striped Flint

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Flint is an ancient stone, revered by neolithic man as a protective talisman. These rare Striped Flint Stones from Poland have their own unique and magnificent energy.

Flint vibrates to the number 7 and is the astrological sign of Scorpio. Striped flint is a composition of chalcedony and opal and can only be found in one location on the earth - in Poland, on the Vistula River, near the town of Sandomierz. There are old Neolithic mines of flint that were used to make axes, which involved a special rite of worship and had a magical role. Neolithic man never parted with his flint axes - even after his death, for the striped flint was a talisman for him. The stone was carried by ancient Greeks and was placed in their beds to protect them against nightmares and negative energy. This stone joins fire, water and air in a unique manner. It resembles rolling waters, when knocked against another, it sparks, and it keeps great energy inside, which can be felt through scent. Flint is an excellent stone to use in transferring information, ideas, and loving emotional messages to another and receive, in return, the touching interpersonal experiences of the energy of the universe. It can help to relieve shyness and to promote intimate and personal experiences. It can assist us in severing the emotional ties through which we become attached to problems and distressful situations. Flint has been revered by the ancient tribes of this planet to produce protective energy and to dispel negativity from ‘haunted’ localities. It can help us to view the unknown, providing for insight into the methods by which to oppose contrary forces. It can enhance our abilities toward meticulous judgment concerning the manifested character of others. It has been used as a talisman to bring intellectual, psychological, rational, and physical strength during confrontations, arguments and disputes. It can also be helpful in money management.