Blue Lagoon Mermaid/Merman Leggings

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 The sea is calling, and you should definitely answer the call! With this mermaid leggings, make the most of your love of the sea in fun styles. This collection of lively apparel is sure to have you swimming off into the sunset as you live your mermaid life in style.


NEW swimmable leggings bring your Mermaid experience to the land AND the sea! They match our beautiful designer scale Tails and are made of the same comfy Polyester/Spandex material. Perfect for those who want to bring their Mermaid game to everyday life or those who want to be a Mermaid in the water without having to use a Monofin!

Complete the look! Pair your leggings with a matching Aurora Borealis bikini with beautiful pastel 3D scales or a monofin.

  • 80% polyester, 20% spandex, machine wash.
  • Sizes feature Yoga waistband
  • Swimmable
  • Machine Wash Cold, Air Dry