Amaya’s Bracelet Mixed Agate

Amaya’s Bracelet Mixed Agate

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Handmade bracelet by Amaya. Mixed Agate.

Confidence and security.


I’m safe and secure.


Amaya is a passionate 9 year old who has started many businesses sharing her talents of candle making, cupcake design, and now her newest project of custom jewelry.

The driving force behind her businesses is to donate to two foundations that are close to her heart. The first being the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Center where they focus on ocean conservation and helping the sea animals in need. The Enchanted Forest is the second company. They take in any and all animals (even baby humming birds who need to be nursed every 20 minutes, day and night!) When Amaya found out there was a recent fire at the farm, she has been working hard to save as much as she can. As a self made vegan she desires that all animals be treated with kindness and compassion.

On Fridays, she works with neighbors and friends to clean up local parks with a group she created with custom shirts that say “not mean, just green”. She has gotten her family all over California to commit to picking up while strolling around or taking their dogs for walks. She gets so excited when she sees pics of how much trash was accumulated and knowing every step helps our planet.
Her goal is to learn how to scuba dive by next year so she can help cleaning up the ocean as well.